For Children

Adventure Lab

is held the third (3) Saturday of each month, September through May, from 10:00 am to 11:00 am. Various topics, activities, and crafts are offered for children ages 3 and up. Contact the library for exact dates or check our Facebook page.


Fun Done In the Library

is an after-school activity for grades 3-6,(although younger siblings are invited if attending with older siblings). We have chosen different dates throughout the school year, scheduled as early-outs, when school is out at 1:00 pm, for the students to meet in the commons area of Maquoketa Valley School and walk to the library with High School student chaperones. Various programs, activities, and crafts are offered. The activity ends at 3:00 pm and ask that parents be prompt in picking up their child(ren). For more information, check with the library, check our Facebook page or look for the Wildcat in the library window.

Silver Screen Event

is an opportunity to watch movies at the library! These events are not regularly scheduled so be sure to check with the library, our Facebook page, or announcements in the library window. We also serve fresh popcorn to add to the movie experience!